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Workday versus myHR

As of 24th of October 2016 Workday is the single source of truth for Employee HR Master Data. All Ecolab associates around the world have direct-access to one and the same solution.

Please Use Workday for:

  • Updating Your Personal Information
  • Insightful manager workforce analytics
  • Initiating HR processes

Please Use myHR only for:
  • Time and Absence Management (if applicable in your country)
  • "View Payslips" in the Payroll Data Module (if applicable in your country)
  • My Documents

Note: For all other data changes, use Workday

Access the EU HRIS Solution Map to locate where your personal information is stored.

EU Country Solution Map


Workday & myHR works with single-sign-on, so no password is required when connected to the Ecolab network. When outside the Ecolab network, use your windows credentials.

For questions, please reach out to your local HR Partner.