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Graphic Papers

Graphic Papers represent close to fifty percent of overall Paper and Paperboard production in the world. We offer a comprehensive set of solutions that address Productivity, Quality, and Cost of this significant market segment. These solutions comprise of Mechanical, Operational, and Chemical elements, which combined, deliver value to graphic paper producers that supports their financial viability and market competitiveness.

Customer Success Stories

Fan of Tissues
OxiPRO™ Technology for Deposit Control Helps Tissue Manufacturer Reduce Downtime and Improve Profitability

A North American tissue manufacturer using 100 percent recycled fiber was experiencing significant downtime due to microbiological contamination of…

Paper Plant
FirstCLEAR™ Raw Water Treatment Delivers 5% Increase in Machine Efficiency

As one of the heavy users of water, the paper industry is dependent on the proper preparation of this raw material to consistently maintain production efficiency and meet sheet quality…

Graphic Papers Solutions

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